Acne Quick Fixes

YIKES! What's that on my face now?

We all get that pimple(s) or bump that shows up just at the wrong time! Below are a few Acne Quick Fixes gathered from a variety of sources ...

  1. "You may wish to try apple cider vinegar -- It does a good job of cleaning out pores, blackheads and bringing acne to a head without squeezing or popping."
  2. "Try fresh garlic juice or rubbing a cut garlic clove on the pimple(s). It will dry pimples right up, but it's smelly."
  3. "Crush up and dissolve an aspirin in a tablespoon of alcohol and dab it on the zit. MAKE SURE You only put it on the Pimple! It will dry it up and reduce any redness from picking at it. It should be gone in a couple nights."
  4. "Try Mint julep mask (you can usually find it in a drugstore). Dab it on your pimples and they seem to go away a lot faster. Try it!"
  5. "Try honey and cinnamon mixed to together. I guess because the honey is antibacterial...anyways... I can still see them, but they feel smaller."
  6. "To reduce the size of a pimple or zit - try hemorrhoid cream. Weird, and kind of embarrassing to buy, but it works! And what is worse, walking around with zits or having people think you have hemorrhoids?"
  7. "Try lavender oil, a small undiluted drop onto a cotton swab and then put it on the zit. Lavender oil brings the redness down. It's an antibacterial/anti-fungal too -- helps with burns too."
  8. "For blemishes, you can apply 100% Tea Tree Oil twice a day, on a cotton pad, undiluted. -- Find it at a health food store."

Many of these ideas are worth a try. In any case, none of them should have harmful effects. If you have a great natural home remedy let us know and we will post it here.

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Interesting Fact:

People try all kinds of remedies to deal with acne. A few are listed on this page.

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