Argan Oil

Argan oil originates mainly from Morocco. It comes from the seed of the argan tree which survives in the arid areas of the Sahara dessert. Its deep roots keep it alive in the face of harsh, dry conditions and also helps prevent erosion. Since the Argan tree is grown in a limited area of the world its oil is very rare.

To get argan oil, the pit is harvested. (At one time it was plucked undigested from the dung of goats.) It is then crushed and processed either by pressing or solvent extraction. Although solvent extraction (using chemicals to extract the oil) is more efficient, the process can leave unwanted chemicals in the oil. For the best quality, purest, organic argan oil, traditional pressing is the ideal method of processing.

Argan oil has two primary uses. It can be used as a cooking oil or as an application for skin care. It is rich in vitamin E, phenols, and essential fatty acids. It is an effective antioxidant. This healthy oil can be used on salads, for dipping bread, or in couscous. The flavor is said to be vaguely reminiscent of peanut butter. It is used in many organic skin care lotions and creams because it is believed to contain anti-aging properties. Considering that it contains omega-6 fatty acids, this is quite likely. Claims have been made that it will also relieve common skin problems such as dry skin and psoriasis.

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