Scabbing On

To "Scab on" is a slang term used in the handyman trade. It basically comprises adding a board into a wall frame in order to support other structures, drywall, or panelling. A scab is often an after-thought or expedient.

It is often accomplished using scrap lumber: short 2X4's, ripped 2X2's or whatever comes to hand. The idea is to create a stable extension to a stud or plate in order to lend its stability to another fixture.

The key to scabbing on is to make certain that the facing side of the scab (that is the part adjacent to the surface of the wall) is flush with the rest of the wall frame. This insures that any finished coverings will be square. Under most circumstances, the scab can be nailed directly into a stud using several 10D nails (for 2X4's) or perhaps something smaller for lesser boards. An alternative is to use screws to secure the scabs. This can make later removal easier should it ever become necessary.

Once the scab is in place, interior wall frames, drywall, electrical boxes, and other fixtures can be directly attached.


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