Backgammon Rules

Backgammon is not a difficult game to learn. The basics can be spelled out in a few brief pages. Yet learning this classic game and playing it with friends can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. There have even been people who have made their living from playing backgammon.

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The history of backgammon goes back many centuries and is rooted in humanity's deep interest in the relationship between luck and skill.

In backgammon, perhaps the hardest thing to remember is how to set up the pieces on the board.

The rules for movement are simple enough. However, there are certain details that are important to remember and dovetail with etiquette in the game.

Backgammon is often played as a gambling game. Indeed of the many gambling games, this one requires more skill than most. Part of the skill involves knowing when and how to double and how this will affect the final score.

Jacqui Dulhane reveals a bit of her strategy for winning at backgammon. One way to keep track of whether you are winning or losing is to count pips.

We have an excellent list of backgammon resources in our bibliography.

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