Backgammon Setup

The backgammon board has 24 "points". The points are those long triangles poking toward the center. Each point is given a number based on its position in relation to the player's inner board. For white, the number 1 point is on the far right in his inner board. For the black player number 1 will be on his far left.

In the set up each player has 15 checkers.
- 5 are placed on point 6;
- 3 are placed on point 8;
- 5 are placed on point 13;
- 2 are placed on point 24.

This set-up has developed over the centuries. The advanced position of the pieces makes for a competitive game, though not an elongated one that would occur if both sides began with all pieces on the bar. Note that neither player begins with a blot (a checker by its self on a point), and no roll need leave a currently held point as a blot.

The doubling cube is set on sixty-four. This actually indicates zero. Each player is given a set of two dice and a dice cup. Etiquette dictates that when a player rolls he or she do so from the cup and that they shake at least three times (but not too many either).

You are now ready to begin play.

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Interesting Fact:

You lose your turn if you cannot make a move with the dice rolled.

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