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Biology: The Study of Life

Most every life-form that we know of has carbon atoms acting a vital part in the make-up and processes of both plants and animals. Biology is the study of life-forms. To understand life on our Earth, we must be able to take both a micro and a macro view. These views meshed together will create understanding and form the basis of research that develops medicines, genetically engineered crops, surgical techniques, bio-chemistry, and so much more.

Biology also encompasses ideas that involve the inter-relations among and between plants and animals. For example, the process of photosynthesis is how plants (autotrophs) manage to convert sunlight into energy that can be used to create glucose and drive the ATP - ADP cycle. This helps plants to grow, reproduce and prosper. It also has the effect of providing the basis for the life-sustaining properties in animals. In order for animals to live and breath they use the glucose made by plants, breathe the oxygen created as a byproduct of photosynthesis in processes we call glycolysis and respiration. Finally, animals return the vital carbon dioxide to the air that is needed in photosynthesis.

Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is a vital function performed by cell-membranes. It is the way that water is allowed to pass into and out of the cell while maintaining the cell cytoplasm and keeping out unwanted foreign matter. Man has found a way to mimic this process, and it comes in handy in filtering water in a process called reverse osmosis.

Why Biology Is a Very Important Subject

One of the great advantages of the human study of biology has been our increasing knowledge of how the body deals with illnesses, injuries, and diseases. This has enabled us to assist the body in staying healthy. For example, fighting off infection is a vital function of neutrophils which are carried through the body in the cardiovascular system. When chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells, it will also supress neutrophils. Thus, such therapy must be gauged in a way that minimizes damage to neutrophils and maximizes destruction of cancer cells.

A more earthy sidelight to understanding biology is the advantages that can be gained in food production. Even the average person, without a lab of any kind with a bit of understanding of the fundamentals of composting can make their own surroundings come alive in a very healthy way. The cycle of life, death, and decay has considerable application in the backyard garden.

Science has a profound effect on the quality of human life.

How Microscopes Work

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