Blueberries: A Healthy Tasty Fruit

Blueberries are a member of the Vaccinium family which also includes cranberries and bilberries. They are a perennial woody shrub with small flowers that develop into a small, blue, tart berry. There are low bush and high bush plants. The high bush are hybrid for domestic cultivation. Low bush blueberries can be found growing wild in many areas of North America.

Blueberry Waffles

The history of blueberries has its roots in north America where the plant originated. It was used as a dye as well as a food staple by the pre-Columbian natives of the area. They taught the European settlers how to harvest and use the berry.

Even in early American history people understood that Blueberries have many health benefits. They made a healthy drink from its juice. Today we know that blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and may help prevent cancer. They are thought by homeopaths to prevent macular degeneration.

Blueberries are easy to plant and grow. Young bushes can be purchased from a nursery and planted in the garden. They like acidic soil. In the wild, they are often found in pine forests. Blueberry plants can be found in many varieties, in sizes to fit most yards. Varieties will bear at different times so that a gardener can be assured a continuous crop for several months of summer.

Although they are usually eaten fresh, blueberries are found in many recipes. Blueberry muffins are one of the most popular baked goods in the United States. They are also often used in salads and especially deserts. They make a great topping for puddings and cheesecakes.

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