Bocce Ball Specs: Ball Sizes and Court

For the sport of Bocce Ball, there are eight 1.75 pound balls, approximately 102 to 114 millimeters in diameter (4 to 4.5 inches), usually made from some kind of plastic resin. They are made by suspending a foam core within a mold. The resin is poured around the core. When cooled it is sanded, painted, and polished.1 Balls can also be made of metal, stone, or wood. Nevertheless, tournament players, in most cases, use professionally manufactured resin balls to insure uniformity and consistency. The balls should be of at least two colors (four of each).

Bocce Ball Court Specs

In Bocce an additional ball called the "jack" or "pallino" is used. This ball is about the size of a golf ball, approximately 38 millimeters (1.5 inches) in diameter.

The Bocce Ball Court

Bocce Ball courts actually vary in size and can be ten to twelve feet wide by sixty to 90 feet long. The side-walls and backboard are generally constructed of treated lumber raised six to twelve inches higher than the base. The base is made of consecutive layers of three to five inches of pea gravel, three inches of crushed limestone, one to three inches of tennis clay or crushed oystershells.

Certain lines should be clearly made on the sidewalls to designate the foul line (six feet from each backboard). The spock or hitting line should be designated ten feet from each backboard. And a centerline should be indicated on the sidewalls as well.

Backyard courts are becoming more and more popular and can be built relatively inexpensively by a handy person. Bocce ball courts are also beginning to appear in more and more parks and recreational areas.

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  1. How Bocce Balls Are Made

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