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Future of the UN, by Joshua Muravchik

The United Nations has had a checkered history. Events such as the Oil for Food Scandal along with problems in Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. It seems that the United Nations has had much difficulty in living up to the ideals set for it in the post World War II era. When the commission on Human Rights is dominated by Cuba, Sudan and others, we know that something must be wrong.

Joshua Muravchik tells us how the UN got where it is and what it means to the world now. The US is not much affected by the UN at this stage in history because of the nature of the super-power coupled with its heritage of individualism and independence. But most of the rest of the world pays obeisance to this nascent bud of world government. This obeisance might be to the world's detriment in the UN sponsorship of socialist command economies that invariably breakdown the supply chain and destroy growth and development.

Certainly the United States and Israel are the greatest bugaboos of the United Nation's core of dictatorships and socialist democracies. Muravchik does not exactly suggest that we scrap the UN. Rather he comes up with some innovative ways that the United Nations might be restructured to actually make a contribution to world peace and the general happiness of mankind.


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