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Carrot Juice: A Healthy Drink

Carrot Juice has become a very popular drink largely because carrots are healthy, containing vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene, and a host of minerals. All these beneficial vitamins and minerals are held tightly behind tough cell walls. Eating raw carrots leaves many of the vitamins to pass through the digestive system never having been used. Juicing (as well as light cooking) breaks down the cell wall barrier, allowing the digestive system to get at the beneficial enzymes within the carrot. In fact one eight ounce class of juice contains approximately eight times the minimum basic daily requirement for vitamin A.1

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Besides packing a nutritious punch, carrot juice is also low in calories. The standard eight ounce glass only contains 80 calories, good for people on a diet, or just trying to stay in shape. If all this were not enough to consider drinking carrot juice, most carrots used for juicing today are sweet and pleasing to the palate creating a delicious and versatile drink.

With carrot juice as a base, many different concoctions catering to a wide variety of tastes can be created. It takes approximately one pound of carrots to make one cup of carrot juice. Other fruits and vegetables and even spices can be added to create new flavors or to enhance the health benefits of the drink. Other fruits include apples, bananas, pineapples, peaches, pears, and watermelon. Vegetables include tomato, celery, broccoli, spinach, parsley and garlic. Mixed with fruits, carrot juice tends to be sweet; mixed with vegetables it will be more savory.

Another way to use carrot juice is in recipes. Try it as a replacement for water in some baking recipes such as muffins or cakes. Carrot juice can also be used as a base or broth for soups. It has even been used to enhance some mixed drinks.

The carrot is a generally inexpensive vegetable; so making carrot juice is easy on the pocketbook. Juicers can be purchased very reasonably at most department stores, or juicers can be found online. There are three major factors to look for in a juicer, effectiveness of the juicing process, sturdiness of the machine, and just as importantly, the ease of cleanup. In juicers the cost of the machine is usually, but not always, an indicator of quality. Breville makes quality machines, with good customer service and has an excellent reputation.

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