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Rules for Checkers

Setup Your Checkerboard

Checkers is played on a board made up of squares. They are laid out in eight columns and eight rows.

Initial Checker Setup
Checkers is a game for two players. Each player receives twelve, flat disk-like pieces which are placed on the black squares in the manner indicated in the diagram at the left. Be sure that a light colored square appears in the lower right hand corner of the board. The darker colored checkers are usually designated black, and the lighter color is designated white. Black always moves first. There is some advantage to moving first, but on the beginner level it is very slight.

annotated board
While playing, you may record your game by using checker notation. The black squares are numbered as indicated in the diagram on the right. To record a move, simply write down the square the move is from and then the number of the square where the piece was moved. This is seldom done in friendly games, but is essential in tournament play. It is also convenient for discussing games and strategies.

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