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Rules for Checkers

Checker Strategy

Checkers is a straight-forward game in many ways. Yet, play can unfold in intricate layers. Every move opens untold possibilities and closes down untold more. Thus, it is well to keep a few strategies in mind when playing, even when it is just for fun.

First, always keep in mind the possibility of using the forced capture rule to maneuver your opponent into a position where he gives up two pieces for one of your own. Often a one piece advantage can make all the difference in the end game.

Second, always try to keep the lanes to your own king's row blocked to your opponent. Once either side gets a king, any uncrowned checker in the open is highly vulnerable.

Third, move between your own pieces and your opponent in order to move adjacent to an opposing checker without loss.

Of course, these are elementary ideas to the tournament player. To move beyond the beginner stage, a player will want to acquire a book on checkers and checker strategy. An excellent place to begin is Fred Reinfeld's book, How to win at Checkers.

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