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Chess notation is used to help keep track of movement on a chess board. It is an important idea to understand for anyone wishing to become proficient in chess. It helps computers to amass databases. It helps players to understand various openings. It lends clarity to conversations about chess.

There are actually two types of chess notation. The older style is called descriptive notation. It is based on the begining position of pieces and their relationship with one another. As it sometimes proved confusing when games were recorded and is not precise (as each square has two names) it has been largely replaced in recent years by a system known as algebraic notation.

Algebraic notation is more clear to computers, and once it is digested by the individual player, it can be just as clear in conversation. As noted above, the ultimate aim of chess notation is to be able to record games. This website will explain both types of chess notation and illustrate how a game is recorded in algebraic notation.

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