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Letter Regarding the Soviet Union as an Example

Oct 2004 - I havn't fully read the information on your site, but im deeply disturbed to see that you use the former soviet union as an example of a communist system. Its not, its an example of a small group of people highjacking a popular movement in order to gain power, its a mockery of that which we hold dear, there are no true examples of a communist state in the world, the closest being cuba which is being shunned by the majority of the worlds superpowers and forced to survive without foreign trade. In closing, suck it, you capitilst pigs. Brendan

Our Response:

Recourse to invective is always a good sign that you have no hard facts to back up your position.

Marxism does not work in theory because it does not take into account human nature and it doesn't work in fact for the same reason. It has been tried in more places than the Soviet Union (see China, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, North Korea, Cuba). In the last bastion of Marxism, North Korea, people starve to death because the socialist system can't even produce enough food. In a spirit of compassion, free and prosperous capitalist nations feed the poor and oppressed there. In China, they have seen the failure of Marxism first hand and are converting to a capitalist system.


W.J. Rayment

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