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About the Biography of Condoleezza Rice Website

The content of this website was created in May of 2007 (there may be edits and additions later) by W.J. Rayment, who holds the copyright as noted at the bottom of each page. The information is drawn from several sources including websites (U.S. government and geneological). It also relies heavily on published works. Much good information can be found in Marcus Mabry's "Twice as Good" which is an excellent treatment of Condoleezza Rice's life before politics. However, Mabry does reveal a political bias in the later chapters.

This site is constructed in a manner that reflects a different way to look at information. Most information on the web and in encyclopedias is constructed horizontally. All information is splashed across pages, leaving the architecture flat. At this site, you will notice that the index page is a complete article in itself with links to more details. Yet all the details are also constructed so that they can be read as a story when viewed in sequence. Thus the reader can get a brief over-view of the subject or drill down in a specific area or get all of the details in a coherent format by using the "next page" links. The information has been constructed like a pyramid.

To contact the author please use the link at the bottom of each page. Those writing emails to the author should be aware that the letter may be published to illustrate a point or to clarify a response.

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