How to Make Eggnog French Toast

A girl toasting with eggnog

Yes, technically you could make a toast with eggnog. Raise your glass high and praise Christmas. "To Father Christmas!" you might say. Or make a toast to all of those who came so far to be together on this holiday. Then break out into a chorus of I'll be home for Christmas, and when everyone has finished wiping a tear from their eye, then it is bottoms up. Christmas and eggnog, a time for sentiment. But you did not come to this page to read about making a toast, rather to find out how to make French toast with eggnog!

If you have ever made French toast you know how easy it is. If you have homemade eggnog with real eggs in it, it is simply a matter of using eggnog in place of the egg and milk mixture you would normally use. But if you are using eggnog from a carton, you may wish to crack in an extra egg or two. Here are the basics:

16 slices of bread (approximately a standard loaf)
3 cups of eggnog
2 eggs, if the nog is from a carton
1/2 cup butter

Heat a cast-iron skillet or some other frying implement over medium heat until you can feel the heat about eight inches above the pan. Add a pad of butter. As the butter melts, coat the pan's surface with a spatula. Dip the bread into the eggnog mixture with a thumb and forefinger. (Using cinnamon-raisin bread makes it even better.) Toss the bread onto the skillet, allow to fry until it steams and sizzles slightly. Flip, allow to cook on the other side. The finished product should have nothing runny on either surface, although it will be slightly soggy. Repeat until every person is full, which might take awhile if there are a lot of out-of-towners in for the holidays. With enough people, you might want to cook in shifts and just keep going through lunch.

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