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How to Frame an Interior Wall

Assembly of a Wall Frame

Now that you have taken the proper measurements, it is time to cut boards to length. The width is easy. The sole plate and top plate are cut to the width of the new partition. However, you must take into account the sole plate and top plate when cutting the studs since the studs will rest between them. A 2x4 is generally 1 1/2 inches high if lain flat on a surface. The smaller dimension of the 2X4 than its "advertised" width is due to shrinkage of the wood during the curing process. Thus, you must subtract 3 inches from the required height of the studs.

mark plates
Next, mark the sole plate and top plate to show where the end of each stud should be nailed. Starting at one end, butt a small scrap of 2X4 against the plate and draw a line. Draw an "X" on the spot. Run a tape measure 16 inches from the very end of the plates, draw a tick on the board and then center your scrap 2X4 on top of it and draw a line on either side of it. (You can also just measure 3/4 inch on either side of the tick mark and draw a line with a square.) Continue this along both plates all the way to the end.

nail top plate
Lay your top plate on its side and butt the studs up against the marks. Hammer two 10D nails through the top of the top plate and into each stud. You are almost ready to put your wall into place!

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