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How to Frame an Interior Wall

Installing a Wall Frame

Now that you have built most of the frame it is time to put the sole plate in place. When laying down the sole plate make sure that you remove any carpeting, padding or tile that might compromise the stability of the wall or create problems with the possible removal of flooring at a future date. Using 10D nails secure the sole plate to the floor if it is wood. If the floor happens to be cement, you will want to pre-drill and use anchor screws. For best alignment drill right through the sole plate and into the floor. (Details on how to install a dividing wall in a basement.)

toe nail
Next, take your assembled frame and lift it into place. This part of the job is better done with more than one person. Secure it to cieling joists, wall studs or the supports you have installed. Again, use 10D nails liberally spaced between the studs. Finally secure the studs to the sole plate. To do this you will need to "toe nail". Predrill holes using a slightly smaller diameter drill than your nails at an angle through the stud and into the sole plate. Then pound the nails through.

Your new frame is now installed! Now stand back and bask in the feeling of accomplishment from having done a job meticulously and well. Don't forget to do any planned wiring before you begin putting up drywall.

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