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GPS - the Global Positioning System

GPS Applications

The GPS system was originally a military project with obvious applications. Its first use was as a means of navigation for the Navy. Next it was put to use as a targeting information system. Weapons could be fired and put on a target with pinpoint accuracy. Even though the military could use it to increase the lethality of its weapon systems, these technological advancements also could be used for peaceful purposes.

The most obvious advancement comes in the form of the hand-held navigators that can tell a person where he is anywhere on the planet. These are useful for individuals trying to find their away around town or hiking over trails or biking from city to city. Probably the premier manufacturer of GPS devices is Garmin. They make a superb and reasonably priced handheld devices.

Of course, the most popular way to use GPS is in automobiles. These are great for delivery services, truckers, executives, soccer moms and the average person looking for a slick way to navigate about town or across country. Garmin also makes these devices as does Magellan. Today, these mount very easily on the dash and even tell you when and where to turn.

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