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Quiz on Minoan Culture

The following questions are based on the article: Minoan Culture.

1. Who was the archeologist who first discovered the Minoan Civilization?
Howard Carter
Charles Darwin
Heinrich Schliemann
Arthur Evans

2. What geographic aspect of Crete helped to push the Minoans toward trade?
Crete was an Island.
Crete had big cities.
There were many rivers.
There was a lot of farm land.

3. The Minoans got the idea of writing from the Egyptians. What was their style of writing called?
phonetic alphabet
linear A

4. Why were the Minoans one of the most affluent societies of the ancient world?
They had gold mines.
They engaged in trade and had a small military.
They engaged in piracy.
They had paper money.

5. What unusual spectator sport did the Minoans enjoy?
bear bating
horseshoe tossing
bull jumping
marathon running

6. What was unusual in the ancient world about women in Minoan society?
They were equal to men.
They handled snakes.
They weren't allowed to own property.
They curled their hair with hot irons.

7. What was the focus of art in Minoan culture?
depiction of battles
the gods
beauty and pleasure

8. What were the burial mounds on Crete called?

9. The Iliad and Odessy, by Homer are a record of the Mycenaean seige of what city?

10. What cataclysmic geologic event precipitated the downfall of Minoan Crete?
Thera Eruption
Mt. Vesuvius
Krakatoa Eruption
the Great Flood

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