The Renaissance

Age of Exploration

The Reformation

The Scientific Revolution

Thirty Years War

The Development of the English Constitution under the Stuart Kings

French Absolutism and Louis XIV

Peter I and the Modernization of Russia

Rise of Prussia and Austria

The Enlightenment

The French Revolution

The Age of Napoleon

Concert of Europe


Industrial Revolution

Liberalism, Socialism, and Marxism

The Unification of Italy and The Unification of Germany

The Age of Imperialism

Causes of the First World War

World War I: the Great War

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The Concert of Europe Quiz

The following questions are based on the article: The Concert of Europe.
1. Who represented France at the Treaty of Paris?

2. Which major power was represented at the Congress of Vienna?
Great Britain
all of the above

3. At the congress what country were they worried about violating the peace?

4. The policy of trying to keep the major countries approximately equal in strength was called:
system of justice
balance of power
Code Napoleon
Metternich's Principle

5. What is the Latin term meaning "the state of things before"?
illigitemi non carborundum
laissez faire
status quo ante
cogito ergo sum

6. What was the alliance based on Christian principles between Russia, Prussia, and Austria?
The Defenestration of Prague
La Belle Alliance
The First Coalition
The Holy Alliance

7. Why did Britain leave the Quadruple (Quintuple) Alliance?
They wanted to fight a war.
They did not agree with the principle of interference.
They wanted a large navy.
They thought the alliance had too many members.

8. How long was it between the Battle of Waterloo and the next general European war?
99 years
half a century
ten years
147 years

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