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French Absolutism and Louis XIV Quiz

The following questions are based on the article: French Absolutism and Louis XIV.
1. Absolute Monarchy in France was based on what theory?
Occam's Razor
Divine Right of Kings
Social Contract
The Dialectic

2. What was the proclamation by Henry IV that allowed religious toleration for the Huguenots?
The Council of Trent
Treaty of Augsburg
Edict of Nantes
Treaty of Tordasillas

3. Who was Henry IV's minister of finance who brought honesty back to the French government?
Duke of Sully

4. Who did Louis XIII choose to lead his government? The two worked together to break the power of the nobility.
Cardinal Richelieu
Cyrano DeBergerac
Jean-Baptiste Colbert

5. What city was besieged by the king's forces that ended the Huguenot rebellion? The victory for the king forced the Huguenots to give up the right to fortify towns.
La Rochelle
Mont Saint Jean
The Maginot Line

6. What was the rebellion by the French nobles against Louis XIV, when he was a boy, called? It was named for a child's slingshot.
The Sabot
The Jacquerie
The Fronde
The Glorious Revolution

7. What was the name of the palace where Louis XIV held court to over-awe his nobles?
The Kremlin

8. What did they call the royal officials who were used to carry out the king's orders throughout France?
agents du roi

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