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French Revolution Quiz

The following questions are based on the article: The French Revolution.
1. Just before the French Revolution began, how much of the royal revenue went to pay down the debt in France?
less than 1/8
just over 1/4
more than 1/2
all of the revenue

2. What was Louis XVI's wife's name? She was also the daughter of Maria Theresa of Austria.
Tina Louise
Marie Antoinette
Josephine Beauharnais
Madame de Staal

3. What was the French governmental body that represented the church, nobility, and commoners as three separate groups?
The Estates-General
The Directory

4. The oath taken by the members of the National Assembly that they would not disband until they had given France a new constitution was called...
The Loyalty Oath
The Croquet Oath
The Solemn Pledge
The Tennis Court Oath

5. What was the name of the radical political organization that backed extreme reform of the government as well as all of society?
The Gironde
The Jacobin Club
The Directory
The Cordeliers

6. The Austrians and Prussians declared that with the consent of the other European powers they would invade France to put a stop to the revolution. This declaration was called...
The Declaration of Pillnitz
The Declaration of Intent
The Declaration of Tilsit
The Edict of Nantes

7. Who was the leading figure in the Committee of Public Safety who initiated the "Reign of Terror"?

8. The governing body that took over after the Thermidorian Reaction was called...
The National Assembly
The Directory
The Consulate
The Convention

9. The military adventurer who finally put an end to the French Revolution by making himself 1st Consul.

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