The Renaissance

Age of Exploration

The Reformation

The Scientific Revolution

Thirty Years War

The Development of the English Constitution under the Stuart Kings

French Absolutism and Louis XIV

Peter I and the Modernization of Russia

Rise of Prussia and Austria

The Enlightenment

The French Revolution

The Age of Napoleon

Concert of Europe


Industrial Revolution

Liberalism, Socialism, and Marxism

The Unification of Italy and The Unification of Germany

The Age of Imperialism

Causes of the First World War

World War I: the Great War

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In-Depth Information

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Quiz on the German Powers in the 1700s

The following questions are based on the article: Prussia and Austria: Enlightened Despotism.
1. Who was the Polish King who relieved the Siege of Vienna?
Jan Sobieski
Philip the Fair

2. Who was the Austrian general who helped the English Duke of Marlborough to defeat Louis XIV's forces at Blenheim?
Gustavus Adolphus
General Mack
Prince Eugene of Savoy
Francis II

3. Charles VI created a document that allowed his daughter to inherit his territories. He worked throughout his reign to get the leaders of other countries to agree to this arrangement. This agreement was called...
The Edict of Nantes
The Pragmatic Sanction
The Diet of Worms
The Treaty of Tordesillas

4. Who violated the terms of this agreement by invading Austrian Silesia?
Count Wallenstein
Oliver Cromwell
Prince Eugene
Frederick II

5. This attack launched a war called...
The War of the Austrian Succession
The French and Indian War
The War of the Spanish Succession
The Napoleonic Wars

6. Frederick the Great, Maria Theresa, and Joseph II were reform minded. They tried to advance their countries by implementing ideas put forward by the Philosophes. This group of absolute rulers was called...
The Estates General
Great Leaders
Enlightened Despots

7. Frederick William the Great Elector of Brandenburg worked closely with his nobility. These Brandenburg and later Prussian nobles were called...

8. What was Frederick William I's nickname?
The Sun King
The Bold
The Lion Hearted
The Sergeant King

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