The Renaissance

Age of Exploration

The Reformation

The Scientific Revolution

Thirty Years War

The Development of the English Constitution under the Stuart Kings

French Absolutism and Louis XIV

Peter I and the Modernization of Russia

Rise of Prussia and Austria

The Enlightenment

The French Revolution

The Age of Napoleon

Concert of Europe


Industrial Revolution

Liberalism, Socialism, and Marxism

The Unification of Italy and The Unification of Germany

The Age of Imperialism

Causes of the First World War

World War I: the Great War

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The Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions Quiz

The following questions are based on the article: The Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions.

1. What was one reason the Agricultural Revolution was so important?
It allowed Europe to feed a growing population.
It made farmers more wealthy.
It made trade easier.
Because Cyrus McCormick invented the reaper.

2. What movement in England split up and fenced in the common land, created farms, advanced agriculture and freed up manpower for factories?
The Grange Movement
The Agricultural Movement
The Fencing Movement
The Enclosure Movement

3. Who invented the seed drill?
Cyrus McCormick
Jethro Tull
Oswald Osborne
James Watt

4. What new crop brought over from the Andes in South America helped feed Ireland for several years until the famine?
the potato

5. Which was not a factor in making Great Britain the leader of the Industrial Revolution?
a strong army
access to coal and iron
free capital
lots of available markets

6. What manufacturing process allowed for assembly line production?
machine tooling
interchangeable parts
trigger locks
fan belts

7. People who destroy manufacturing machines in order to protect their jobs or because they do not like technology are called?

8. What power producing machine allowed factories to move away from rivers?
the steam engine
the V-8 Engine
the windmill
the battery

9. What invention made possible heavier than air flight?
the bicycle
the wheel
the discovery of helium
internal combustion engine

10. Who invented the radio?
James Watt
Guglielmo Marconi
Samuel Morse
Thomas Edison

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