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The Reformation Quiz

The following questions are based on the article: InDepthInfo on the Reformation and the Counter Reformation.
1. What was the document that Martin Luther nailed on the Cathedral at Wittenburn in 1517 that sparked the Reformation?
The Formal Protest
The Bill of Attainder
The 95 Theses
The Magna Carta

2. What did the reformers object to in the church at the time of the Reformation (early 1500s)?
Not allowing priests to marry
All of the above

3. About how much of the land in western Europe was owned or controled by the church?

4. What doctrine created by Martin Luther challenged the clergy's position between God and man?
Deductive Reasoning
Faith Alone

5. Who set up a theocracy in Geneva that trained preachers to spread protestantism all over northern Europe?
John Knox
John Calvin
Martin Luther
Huldrych Zwiingl

6. Who was the King of England who started his own reformation because he wanted to divorce his wife and the Pope did not approve?
William III
Charles the Bold
Edward VII
Henry VIII

7. Why did many of the nobles support the English Reformation?
They got cheap estates from sale of monasteries
They were given 20 acres and a mule
They were told to by the king
They were given seats in Parliament

8. Who started the counter-Reformation in Spain by improving education and morals in the clergy?
King Ferdinand
El Cid
St. Francis Xavier
Cardinal Ximenes

9. Who founded the Society of Jesus? The Jesuits were responsible for bringing Poland and other large areas back to the Catholic Church.
Ignatius Loyola
St. Bernard
Mother Theresa
St. Anselm

10. What Pope called the Council of Trent and helped to lead the Counter-Reformation?
John Paul II
Paul III
Gregory IV
Benedict X

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