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Scientific Revolution Quiz

The following questions are based on the article: InDepthInfo on the Scientific Revolution.
1. What was the invention that allowed for the rapid spread of scientific ideas?
The Fountain Pen
The Printing Press
The Telescope
The Chalk Board

2. What invention caused a revolution in modern warfare?
Two Edge Sword
The Stirrup
Carriage Springs

3. What astronomer demonstrated in a book that the Earth was NOT the center of the universe?
Tycho Brahe
Francis Bacon
John Dee
Nicolaus Copernicus

4. What way of gaining knowledge was advocated by Sir Francis Bacon and became fundamental to the Scientific Revolution?
Deductive Reasoning
The Scientific Method

5. Who developed a system of physics that helped understand the universe? He discovered gravity and calculus.
Lord Kelvin
Sir Isaac Newton
Martin Luther
Robert Boyle

6. What is the language of science?

7. The idea that the symplest explanation of a scientific question is probably the correct explanation is called?
A Placebo
First Law of Thermodynamics
Occam's Razor
Tuchman's Law

8. When did the Scientific Revolution Begin?
Late 1500s
The 1950s
The Early 1700s

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