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The Stuart Kings and English Civil War Quiz

The following questions are based on the article: The Stuart Kings and the English Civil War.
1. What was the doctrine called by which James I and other Stuart kings attempted to rule England without Parliament?
Occam's Razor
Divine Right of Kings
Social Contract

2. In what year was the King James Version of the Bible Published?

3. When Charles I asked for money to fight a war, Parliament would only supply him if he agree to the Petition of Right. What did he agree to?
No Forced Loans
No New Taxes without Agreement of Parliament
No Imprisonment without Due Cause
All of the Above

4. Who led the Parliamentary - Roundhead - New Model Army against Charles I and the Cavaliers?
General Monk
Oliver Cromwell
Guy Fawkes
John Knox

5. When the Lord Protector of England expelled the Presbyterians from the Long Parliament in 1648 in Pride's Purge the remaining parliament was called?
The Short Parliament
The Rump Parliament
The Defenestrated Parliament
The Council of Trent

6. The act that excluded Catholics from office during the reign of Charles II by making every office holder swear they did not believe in Trans-substantiation was called?
The Test Act
The Stamp Act
The Exclusion Act
The Final Act

7. What was the law of religious toleration promulgated by James II which parliament opposed?
Declaration of Freedom
Declaration of Toleration
Declaration of Indulgence
Writ of Habeas Corpus

8. What was the name of the event that expelled James II from the throne and replaced him with William III and Mary II?
Treaty of Westphalia
The Glorious Revolution of 1688
The English Civil War
The Battle of Naseby

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