Home Improvement

Whether economic times are good or bad, it is a good time to practice a little home improvement. Home improvement is about making the environment within which we spend so much of our day just a little better. This can be everything from repairing something that recently went wrong, like a knock in the radiator, to installing a new faucet for the kitchen sink.

We are building up a reservoir of home improvement articles. In the process we have run across a lot of helpful information. These pages are designed for the do-it-yourselfer who is looking for basic information about a subject. The articles are clear, concise, and stripped of jargon. In some we include diagrams and pictures to help you do the job as simply and cleanly as possible.

How to Solder a Copper Pipe
How to Install a Dividing Wall in a Basement
How to Install a Recessed Light Fixture
How to Scab on to a Wall
How to wire a circuit of outlets
How to Strip a Wax Floor
How to Caulk
Good Brushes for House Painting
Plug Replacement

Of course we have folios that cover everything from how to wire a switch to how to frame an interior wall. So get crunching on something that is going to improve your home today!

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