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This homeschool textbook on Modern European History was developed by the staff at InDepthInfo. It includes twenty chapters of comprehensive material covering the Renaissance through World War I. The book contains everything necessary for a complete home study course including study questions and comprehension quizes at the end of each chapter. There is also a final exam covering the entire text.

InDepthInfo on Modern European History (214 pages) is a one semester course, but is flexible enough to be used over an entire year. Information in the text can be supplemented by information from the InDepthInfo website. The course was designed for high school students, but could also be used by advanced middle-school students. A student who works diligently at this course will be prepared for the modern European portions on college entrance exams.

Like any other learning endeavor, the student will get out of this course what he or she puts into it. We give the student the tools; it is up to the student to use them. The text is only $14.95!

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