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Hugo Chavez in Prison

With the failure of the 1992 coup attempt to overthrow the government of President Carlos Andres Perez in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez was put into prison. In spite of the implication of treasonous activity in attempting a violent overthrow of the government, and the fact that many people were killed or hurt in the fighting surrounding the coup, Hugo Chavez was not tried nor even charged with a crime.

Hands on Bars

While held in Yare, he spent his time reading Marx and Sun Tzu. He wrote a manifesto calling for revolution along what he called Bolivarian lines. The time incarcerated increased his popularity. He was seen as suffering for his ideals, and even for the poor people of Venezuela. He received visitors which included prominent revolutionaries. He was also able to carry on a correspondence with other conspirators that continued his efforts at the overthrow of the government.

In 1993 the sitting president was impeached. He was replaced by Rafael Caldera who in early 1994 had Chavez released from imprisonment. Now Hugo Chavez was free to begin his presidential campaign.

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