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Kinds of Ice Cream

Eating ice cream is great fun! All the different ice cream options available make it even more exciting. There is a type of ice cream to suit each and every taste bud and life style.

The most common type of ice cream can be considered "regular." This is just your everyday ice cream found at the grocery store or made at home. Regular ice cream contains 10-12% milk fat, so it is not the healthiest choice. However, there is a lot of variety when it comes to regular ice cream so everyone is sure to find one they like.

For those watching their waistlines, there are many types of ice cream with a lower milk fat. One of these options is reduced fat ice cream. Reduced fat ice cream has a milk fat percentage that is lower than 6.5%. Another option is low fat ice cream, which contains less than 4% milk fat.

Some people are concerned about the loss of flavor when choosing one of the reduced or low fat varieties. In the past this has been a valid concern, but new technologies and recipes are eliminating the worry. Some dairies have developed recipes that are so good, it is impossible to tell it is not regular!

A special type of ice cream is soft-serve. This is commonly found at concession stands and ice cream shops. The reason it is called "soft-serve" is because it is stored in a way that gives it a softer consistency. When it is ready to be served, it is easily squirted out into a cone or a cup.

Another specialty ice cream is gelato. Gelato is a famous, Italian way to make ice cream. It usually has a very creamy texture and is mixed with fruit flavoring. Many people swear that gelato is a premium ice cream unlike any other!

There are also several gourmet ice creams that are made with superior ingredients. These are often sold in specialty ice cream shops and also carry specialty price tags. Many fine dining restaurants may have these connoisseur ice creams available for discerning taste buds.

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