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Ice Cream Machines

Making ice cream is a fun and useful activity with delicious results. Some devices used to make ice cream are convenient, while others are a bit silly and fun. It can be tough to choose which ice cream making device to buy because there are so many different styles available. It is best to choose based on lifestyle and time requirements.

One of the most common ice cream making devices is the ice cream machine. These have become fully electric and partially automated. There are several brands available that offer their own unique features. Generally, these electric ice cream makers produce several quarts of ice cream at a time. Of course, there are ones that make more for larger families or parties. Usually ice cream can be produced in about 20 minutes.

Some of the things you should look for in an electric ice cream maker are the size of the motor. An undersize motor can wear more quickly under the strain. The amount of ice cream that can be made in a batch is also important, especially if you are considering serving guests. You want a machine where the clean-up is relatively easy. It is well-known how sticky ice cream can be. Some require considerable lead time (freezing the bowl for up to 12 hours) before ice cream can be made.

One great perk is that some electric ice makers are so advanced that they do not even need salt or ice. This can make having tasty homemade ice cream not just convenient, but a savings of time, money, and energy as well.

There are also old-fashioned manual ice cream making devices available. These rely on a hand-crank to mix the cream. A manual ice cream maker produces a nostalgic feel, and an old fashioned texture to ice cream. The old-fashioned method is actually just as fast as the electric, but it can result in tired limbs.

Some mixers have attachments that will make ice cream. This can provide a cost savings because there is no need to buy a whole new appliance. One innovative device comes in the form of a ball. It looks very much like a hamster ball! When the ingredients are placed inside, the ball can be rolled around the floor (don't throw it!). The agitating action of playing with the ball creates ice cream from ingredients placed inside the ball. This is great fun for kids and adults as well.

There is also a cheap and easy way to make ice cream. All that is needed are a couple of baggies and ice cream ingredients. Rocking the baggies back and forth provides great tasting ice cream in a pinch.

There are so many different ice cream making devices available. It is impossible not to find one that will suit your needs and desire for homemade ice cream.

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