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Stalin's Involvement in the Kirov Murder

Stalin's actions prior and subsequent to the Kirov murder give much credence to rumors that he was intimately involved in the assassination. If he did not plan it, he certainly must have sanctioned it and was instrumental in covering up what actually happened.

The day before Kirov's murder Stalin decreed that those involved in crimes against the state could be summarily tried and punished by a special tribunal. He would use this decree in subsequent days to not only destroy witnesses but to destroy all political oposition.

When Stalin found out about the assassination, he took the extraordinary step of conducting the investigation ... HIMSELF. This would be an unusual assumption of direct responsibility for the leader of a large nation. He took with him most of his lead advisors, including Yagoda, his chief of the NKVD, but he pointedly left out close friends of Kirov such as Sergo Orzhkondize, men who might be expected to be zealous to get to the truth of the affair.

Coupled with the suspicious circumstances surrounding Kirov's death, and the slipshod investigation subsequent, indications are that Stalin not only sanctioned Kirov's assassination, but that he planned to use it as a political noose that would allow him to gain and maintained a chokehold upon an entire nation...

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