Military History

Of all the social sciences, military history must be the most fascinating as it chronicles the ultimate drama of human struggle. By its nature it involves life, death, hubris, and often high adventure. Military operations take humans to the very extremes of experience. When human personalities are placed in such a crucible they tend to show their true values and abilities. Just so, Grant could be a failure in private life before the Civil War and a prodigy on the field of battle.

If military history has shown anything, it shows that superior tactics can be decisive on the battlefield even against vastly superior numbers (even though the victories can be squandered on a strategic or political level). But the question is: can a military be too precise, can a military be too effective? If an enemy is not thoroughly defeated, is the civil population going to accept the change inherent in their loss in a trial of arms?

In our military history section, we explore a variety of questions and subjects:

Spirit and presence of mind are factors, and can be very much decisive when the weaponry and tactics are relatively equal.

History is repleat with conflict. This is not surprising considering that war has often been a way to sort out who gets what resources. Some would argue that there is another more peaceful means to sort this out, it is called economics, and especially capitalism. Yet, as capitalism and democracy have not reached every corner of the world, there will be more in the way of violence, until people understand that the market system is the best means to allocate resources in a peaceful, yet competitive and efficient environment.


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