Cooking With Parsley

In the Dr. Suess book "Scrambled Eggs Super". The scrambled eggs recipe calls for "Parsley, quite sparsely, just 22 sprigs!" Actually, for the recipe described in the humorous children's book, it is a sparse dose of parsley.

Parsley as Garnish

Perhaps the most common use of parsley is as a garnish. It is best to use the curly variety for this purpose as it is more attractive, brighter green, and the flavor is not as strong as the flat leafed variety. Diners can use it as a breath and palate cleanser. The flat leafed variety is more common in soups and other savory dishes. It is also a very likely ingredient in any Italian spice mixture.

The flavor is somewhat mild. Many believe parsley has the ability to neutralize or mitigate more pungent favors such as garlic or oregano.

Garlic can be used fresh from the garden, from storage in the refrigerator (keep it dry in an air-filled zip lock back - it degrades relatively quickly), or dried from a jar in the spice cabinet. Fresh parsley whether purchased from a farmer's market as an organic food, or from a supermarket should be rinsed. This can be done directly under the faucet. Some chefs recommend a more gentle approach, filling a bowl with water and swishing it around.

We have put together a few recipes that rely primarily on parsley:

Tabouli Recipe
Parsley Soup
Parsleyed Chicken and Dumplings
Parsley Potato Salad
Parsley Sauce

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