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Pasta Tools Make Homemade Pasta Easy

Making homemade pasta is a rewarding activity. There is something special about putting ingredients together and getting a wonderful finished food at the end. It also makes a fun family activity. Homemade pasta is not a difficult task, and is made down-right easy with the right tools.

When making homemade pasta, the first task is to combine flour and eggs together to make the dough. One simple tool that can make your life a lot easier is a fork! Who'd have thought that something we already have in our kitchen could be so useful for making pasta dough? It is also handy for making the seal on the edges of ravioli.

Another handy tool is called a bench knife. A bench knife is a tool chefs use to pick up and portion dough. A bench knife can also be used to scrape dried pasta dough that is stuck to the counter. Nothing is worse than trying to scrub off dried dough with a sponge.

A fork and a bench knife are both very basic tools used to make pasta. A more complex machine to consider is a pasta machine. While it is easy enough to make pasta without a machine, it can be a worthwhile investment for those who plan on making homemade pasta frequently. A pasta machine can speed up the homemade pasta process by rolling and cutting the dough. Pasta machines are relatively inexpensive. The alternative is using a rolling pin, which will work well to flatten out your pasta dough but will take more time.

To use a pasta machine, feed it flattened dough, then turn the handle. The homemade pasta dough should make its way through the machine. Feed the dough through the machine several times, each time on a smaller and smaller setting. The homemade dough will get longer and longer each time it goes through the pasta machine, becoming flatter each time. Once the dough is flat enough, it can be cut it into the desired shape. Most pasta machines come with a tool that will do this for you. If the pasta machine does not come with a cutting tool, simply cut the dough into small pieces using a knife.

A ravioli maker is an especially handy tool for those inclined to make this specialty dish. Automating the ravioli making process helps the job go smoother, faster, and with less mess.

There is one more tool that comes in handy in pasta making. For pasta that is not going to be used right away, try hanging it on a drying rack. This will allow homemade pasta to dry without sticking together.

Making pasta is a fun activity that the whole family will appreciate. The right tools can make it an efficient as well as pleasurable activity!

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