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Black Pepper Schnapps

Black pepper schnapps can be used in a variety of ways. It can be consumed as a flavorful drink at room temperature or it can be added to a variety of roasted meats, soups, and stews. The interesting mixture of alcohol and pepper creates a familiar yet exotic taste.

Making black pepper schnapps is not quite a "snap", but it is not difficult either. It only requires two ingredients, a small bottle of clear, unflavored vodka (35 centiliters) and fifty grams of peppercorns. Place all contents in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid and shake it up a bit. Stick it in a dark, room temperature cupboard. Go and shake it up a bit every few days from between two to eight weeks. (Taste it on occasion to get the desired flavor.)

When you have the pepper schnapps the way you want it, you can pour it through a coffee filter into another jar (or even back into the original bottle). As long as you are going to use the schnapps within a reasonable time, there is no real need to refrigerate, the alcohol preserves it. In fact it serves better at room temperature.

If you find the flavor is not quite what is desired it can be thinned out with more vodka, or more pepper may be added. A little bit of sugar can also change the dynamic slightly. Only apply the sugar (or honey) in very small amounts. Don't be surprised to find a bit of sediment in your schnapps even after filtering. Another interesting additive (in very small doses) is sherry.

Connoisseurs of schnapps insist on specific glasses for its consumption:

  • The first requirement is that the drinking container be made of crystal. The thought here is that crystal is coarser than glass on a microscopic level; so it will better release the aromas in the schnapps.
  • Second, the rim should be thin to ease access to the mouth, (it also prevents dribbling).
  • Third, the glass should contain no coloring or engravings; so the coloring of the liquid can be observed and enjoyed.
  • Fourth, a stem is required to keep fingerprints from the glass and to prevent the schnapps from being affected by the body temperature of the drinker.
  • Finally, the opening at the mouth should be sufficient to allow the aroma to flow from the glass.

Black pepper schnapps may be an acquired taste for the drinker, but many will find it an excellent food flavoring!

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