Darts Question: Cricket Points After Close

Question: Hello. The other night I was playing darts (cricket) with two other individuals. Near the end of the game I had scored all of my numbers (15,16,17,18,19,20 and bulls) but I was 15 points short on the pointing. The person next to me in scoring had all numbers completed (15,16,17,18,19,20) but did not have any bulls completed. This same individual had scored 163 points to my 148 points.

My question is If I scored another 15 points then the score between the two of us would be tied at 163 and 163; but I have completed all of my numbers (including the bulls) and the other person has not scored a bulls eye. I was told that I had to throw another 15 ( 15 was still open at that time) so I would not be tied with the other person in order to win. I said I did not have to throw another 15 because I was tied in points but I had completed all of my numbers including the bulls and the other person did not complete the bulls.

Was I right or was the other person right?

Answer: You do have to be ahead in points. You could have done this by scoring an additional bull eye until before he could close it out.

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