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The Method

This method is so simple you will be banging your head with the heal of your hand and saying, why didn't I think of that?!

The Rayment Method requires setting down with your child and not simply reading to him, but, as you read, draw his or her attention to the individual words by moving your finger underneath the words.

Read slow enough so that the child understands that the symbols on the paper are the words you are speaking, and each one is a distinct sound or series of sounds. You will also want to proceed slowly enough for the child to look at the pictures so that they are able to connect the words with the images.

Your child will want to re-read the same book over and over. This is where you have an opportunity to help them to remember what the word symbols mean. As you read a particular familiar book, stop reading in the middle of a sentence on a short, familiar word (a word with only one syllable to begin with - like "be" or "the"). The child will immediately supply the correct word if they are quite familiar with the story. (Don't forget to always run your finger under the words as you read them.)

Do this again and again with the same word throughout the story. Then pick up a new book that the child hasn't read before that contains the same common word. Do the same thing, stop reading in the middle of the sentence. Your finger should have been running under the words the whole time you have been reading. When you stop reading, your finger should rest under the word that you would like the child to repeat. Quite soon, the child will recognize the letter symbols as the word.

Now, when your child has become familiar with this word, try another short word, but continue to stop for every appearance of the previous word you were teaching. Soon, within days, your child will be reading several words. Within weeks he will be reading very simple familiar stories. Within months he will be pulling books off the shelf that you haven't even read yet.

There are a few cautions regarding this method. First, you want to start simple and move to the complex. Second, you also want your child to understand that the syllables he is learning are not simply images and words, they also represent sounds; so it is wise to teach the alphabet and the sounds made by each letter as the child develops. Third, this method is fairly time intensive. You will want to read for at least one-half-hour per day to the child. Finally, the child will early become interested in what you are reading, from road signs to trashy novels. Be sure you clean up your own reading habits, or you may have a lot of explaining to do (before you intended to do the explaining).

We have some suggested reading, books that work very well using this method.

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