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Tools You Need to Replace a Faucet

The only tool that you absolutely must have, in most cases, to replace a faucet is a monkey wrench. However, a couple of other tools can make the job a whole lot easier. The problem with a monkey wrench is that it doesn't reach up and behind the sink all that well. You don't have much room to turn the fittings that connect the hoses to the faucet. Yet it will be useful in dealing with the fittings connecting to the valves.

For this awkward task you will need a basin wrench. This tool is a marvelous and fairly inexpensive invention (you can get it for under $10.00) that pivots at the business end allowing you to reach up and behind some of the deepest basins. The teeth on the sprung crescent allow it to grip the fitting without adjustment. The basin wrench also has a "T" on the handle that will give you leverage for tightening or loosening. Even if you only ever do one plumbing job in your entire life, this tool is worth having.

Finally, you will want a pipe wrench. You probably won't need it for this job in particular, but it is handy for banging on pipes, and if you have a very resistant fitting, this tool will provide the leverage and strength when no other tool will do the trick. It is a heavy affair with an adjustable head.

As you can see, you really don't need much in the way of tools and the last mentioned is merely a garnish if you don't run into complications. A little more difficult will be getting the exact parts necessary to successfully complete this job.

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