Foods Containing Resveratrol

How the body takes in resveratrol may matter. It is thought by some scientists that when resveratrol is exposed to oxygen that its beneficial effects are diminished. This means that natural consumption in the form of foods that contain resveratrol may be more effective than taking supplements that are made in a way where contact with oxygen is not controlled.

Two Glasses of Wine by a Fire

Resveratrol is naturally found mainly in the skins of dark colored berries. Blueberries contain among the highest concentrations. Red or purple grapes as well as wine made from them have high concentrations of resveratrol.

Mulberries, raspberries, and cranberries also have high concentrations of resveratrol. These plants develop resveratrol as a defense against their environments including viruses and sun damage. Amazingly, this defensive substance is also beneficial to human beings. Strawberries also contain resveratrol. Interestingly enough, the resveratrol is concentrated mainly in the seeds.

Another good source of resveratrol is peanuts. While in berries, most of the resveratrol is in the skins of the plant, the entire peanut contains the substance. There appears to be even more resveratrol when the peanuts are boiled than when eaten raw. The most concentrated source of resveratrol is Japanese knotweed, and it is from this source that most resveratrol supplements are made.

Both cooking and exposure to oxygen may degrade the quality of resveratrol. In order to achieve the maximum benefit, most of these fruits or vegetables should be consumed uncooked and unprocessed.

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