Role of Resveratrol in Weight Loss

Resveratrol may be able to contribute to weight loss and help maintain a slim body. In studies, it has been shown to lower appetite and contribute to weight reduction in laboratory mice. Resveratrol fed to a group of lemurs in Paris in 2010 was found to have benefits in both energy and weight-loss.1 Anecdotal evidence also suggests that it may contribute to human weight reduction and higher energy levels as well.2


Higher energy levels may account for the weight loss attributed to resveratrol. As more energy is available to the individual, more work gets done. As long as food consumption is not increased fat gets burned. Since resveratrol also seems to dampen appetite, lower food consumption may also be the result.

The biological mechanism behind the weight-loss benefit of resveratrol is not yet fully understood. However, it is known that resveratrol activates the Sirt 1 gene in individual cells. This gene will also activate if a person is on a calorie restrictive diet. It is thought this may have allowed our human ancestors to live through times of want so that reproduction could take place during times of plenty. Perhaps scientists will find a connection between these two congruous facts.

Currently, resveratrol supplements for both longevity and weight reduction have become fashionable. When searching for a supplement, it is best to look for trans-resveratrol as it is more effective in the body than cis-resveratrol. Trans-resveratrol is found in dark fresh berries as well as Japanese Knotweed. However, as it becomes exposed to oxygen, it converts to cis-resveratrol. Getting a trans-resveratrol depends largely on the process. The less exposure of the product to oxygen, the better.

Consuming resveratrol as the only facet of a weight-loss program will have limited effectiveness. However, coupled with a good exercise routine and smart eating habits it should contribute to a more healthy and slimmer body.

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