Bibliography for Battle of Salamis

The primary source for any in-depth study of the Battle of Salamis must certainly be The Histories by Herodotus. This work is thought to be the first true work of history relying on scientific and reliable sources to form a narative and annalysis of the events of a certain period.

Probably the best modern treatment of the battle is the very readable The Battle of Salamis: The Naval Encounter That Saved Greece - and Western Civilization by Barry Strauss. It pulls together all the divergent sources to create a fascinating story. He paints vivid pictures of the characters involved, especially Themistocles, Eurybiades, Xerxes and Artemisia. Read our review!

The account at this website was based largely on these two sources with background reading in general histories, encyclopedias as well as The Peloponnesian Wars by Thucydides.

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