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A treadmill is a wide belt that runs continuously in a circular pattern. This motion allows the dedicated walker and jogger to move relative to the belt, yet essentially run in place. It also is a way to make convenient cardiovascular activities available to people looking to live a healthy lifestyle. Walking is one of the best ways to preserve cardiovascular health, and treadmills are a good way to walk, jog, or run without fighting the outdoor elements.

Healthy Heart Treadmill JoggerSome would say a treadmill is nothing more than a glorified conveyor belt. Indeed, the idea is simple, and treadmills have actually been around for a long time, and have been put to use for health purposes. Even so, only in recent decades have they become widely available to the average person.

Although treadmills are very large devices, many are being manufactured that can be stowed in relatively small spaces, making them more convenient in homes and apartments where there is not a lot of extra space. Treadmills have also come to have an array of features to tailor them to individual tastes and needs. Some can even be programmed with preset workouts that vary incline, speed, and duration. Manual Treadmills are a perfect example. These run on human power rather than electricity. Though they can be harder to push, they are generally lighter and more easily stowed than the average treadmill.

A good treadmill workout can be accomplished as simply as getting on the machine and walking for half an hour while watching a short television program. But many people want more than this. There are many workouts designed to simulate more rigorous conditions. Keep in mind, for the novice, it might be a good idea to work slowly up to a strong regime on the treadmill.

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Treadmills are one of the most popular exercise machines in health clubs.

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