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If you like to visit wineries, buy fine wine or make wine, you are probably running into problems with storage. Wine has very specific requirements if it is to be kept and aged for long periods. Thus, you want a cabinet that will store your wine properly on its side.

Our cabinet design will attractively meet your requirements in a four by six foot space. The design requires inexpensive materials and can be put together within a few hours by anyone with any familiarity with common woodworking tools. (A jigsaw, a hammer and a screwdriver are all the tools that are required.)

Wine Cabinet

The wine cabinet can be built in a rough form for the basement wine cellar, or it can be sanded, stained and varnished for placement in the dining room or kitchen. It was specifically designed so that there is plenty of space between racks to allow the vintner or wine enthusiast to see the labels and prevent jarring other bottles during stocking or removal.

The cabinet also features a large bottom shelf for vertical storage of some bottles and a top shelf for literature, papers, inventory clipboards and wine-making paraphernalia.

Our easy wine cabinet plan is also easy on the pocket-book. It is free. Get your free wine cabinet plans.

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