The scientific name for basil is Ocimum basilicum. Its pleasant aroma and distinctive taste have ensured its lasting popularity around the world. Its flavor has been described as "rich and spicy, mildly peppery ... with a trace of mint and clove." You have undoubtedly had this herb in many dishes. At InDepthInfo on Basil, you will learn all about Basil!

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Basil is an herb that originated in Asia. Basil's History is a fascinating trip to old Europe and then to the New World.

Cultivating basil in the garden is quite easy if you realize that the young plant is somewhat delicate. It can also be grown in pots or containers. Most people grow it as an annual, but it is actually a tender perennial.

Like many herbs and vegetables, basil has antioxidant properties that help keep us healthy in the face of all those free radicals that seem to bounce around our systems. Learn about the health benefits of basil.

Cooking with basil is fun and rewarding. Many people think of it as a spice that only goes with tomatoes, but there are many other uses! A few of our favorite recipes are listed below:

Basil Angelique
Asparagus with Basil
Basil Pesto
Tomato Basil Soup
Basil Dressing

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Interesting Fact:

Basil is a common ingredient in salad dressings and pasta sauces.

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