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Cilantro and Corriander

The scientific name for cilantro is Coriandum Sativum and it is often called by the name coriander. In fact, "cilantro" is the Spanish word for coriander. Cilantro is a member of the parsley family of herbs.

The history of cilantro begins in the Mediteranean, as does the history of many common herbs. It goes back 5000 years and is even mentioned in the Bible. It was so valued in Europe that it was one of the first herbs to be brought to the New World.

Cilantro is very easy to grow. Casting a few seed on the bare earth might even net you a crop. But be sure to get your crop of cilantro leaves before it bolts. The seed buds form quickly!

It is thought that cilantro could leech harmful heavy metals from the body. In fact, the Health Benefits of Cilantro may be extensive. Studies are currently being conducted on the benefits of this herb.

How to Cook with Cilantro is not a hard question to answer. A spinkle of dried cilantro or a few leaves will enhance almost any savory dish. There are thousands of recipes. We have put together just a few, many designed and tested in our own kitchen.

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