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Biography of Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice is a woman of force and character, beauty and charm who has reached the highest levels of power in the United States Government. The story of her life is both astounding and instructive, illustrating how hard work and determination in a free society can overcome great obstacles.

Although Ms. Rice's ancestry is not repleat with royal pedigree or vast wealth her antecedents reveal a family that was steeped in the American traditions of individualism and hard work. Her childhood was certainly sheltered one. She was an only child whose parents doted on her and gave her every opportunity to succeed, but also instilled in her the family values and virtues that had made the Rices and Rays highly respected in the black community of segregated Alabama.

Condoleezza began her education home-schooled by her mother during her first year. The program included learning the piano. At second grade she was placed in a segregated school. Eventually her father got a job at the University of Denver in Colorado, and Condoleezza attended high-school at a private Catholic school there. She graduated at a very young age and attended Denver University even as she finished her last year of high-school. She would go on to receive her Masters (Notre Dame) and Doctorate (Denver University) in Soviet Studies.

Her early career is marked by stunning and rapid advancement. She was hired at Stanford as an assistant professor and soon got tenure. Because of her expertise in the Soviet Union she came to the attention of Brent Scowcroft who hired her on at the National Security Council as an adviser to President Bush where she helped greatly in forming U.S. policy in response to the fall of the Soviet Union and the re-unification of Germany.

After a two year stint at the NSC. Condoleezza returned to Stanford to become provost (the person in charge of the internal running of the university). Yet in 1999, the younger George Bush asked her to help with his presidential campaign. Soon she became involved in politics and was a great help, especially in foreign policy matters. When Bush won the election she was appointed his national security adviser.

During her time at NSC the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001. The U.S. responded by invading Afghanistan and subsequently engaged in the Iraq War. Condoleezza Rice helped to coordinate efforts to bring democracy to Iraq once the war was won. In recognition of her knowledge and abilities Condoleezza Rice became Secretary of State in George W. Bush's second term.

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