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No one is quite sure why humans began to cook food. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that the health benefits of cooking quickly became apparent especially in the preparation of meat dishes. Soon there must have come an aesthetic enjoyment of certain types of dishes and epicurian cuisine was born. Today recipes from all over the world are available to enhance the consumption of the fuel we need to operate on a daily basis.

At InDepthInfo we have a variety of sites, folios, and pages designed to help you eat more happily and healthily. Dedicated specifically to special occasions, with menus based on fictional meals from classical literature we put together Holiday Cook has menus and recipes that are both savory and sweet. Articles also focus on the history of each holiday.

Sweet foods and desserts such as ice cream rank among world favorites. But not all dishes are well-known. A special treat, flan is a custard dish with an interesting history. It is especially prized in Latin American Countries. The English have their own style of flan, with a flaky crust. Read a history, recipes, and more.

Starches Go with Everything

Most people agree that starches go with almost every meal. Of all the foods kids are most likely to eat the starch category fills the bill, and the tummy. Rice is probably the most popular starch in the world. Find out how it is grown, prepared, and a bit of its history. The humble potato has been a great addition to the diet of Europeans and Americans for centuries. Even so, the potato originated in the Andes Mountains. It can be prepared in manifold ways. Potatoes can even be made into a vodka-like wine. Pasta is thought of as an Italian food. Nevertheles, it is also common in Asian cuisine.

Wheat: Great for Homemade Bread or Pasta

What could go better with a nice cup of coffee than a thick piece of homemade bread? Making bread is fun and rewarding. It is a staple of the western diet. Fresh homemade bread is the way to go. Learn the whole process, from growing the wheat, all the way to pulling it piping hot out of the oven. Another popular staple that is made from wheat is pasta. Making your own pasta and drying it for later use can be an interesting family project that results in more than a fun learning experience. Put bread and pasta together for the makings of a great dinner.

Spices Mostly Come To Us From the Tropics

The world's favorite spice might just be cinnamon. It is used in dishes from many cultures around the world even though it can only be grown in tropical regions. Nutmeg is another spice that can only be grown in tropical areas. At one time it was confined to just a few islands, especially Run Island where it was much fought over by the European powers. Two powerful spices that can be used for a wide variety of desserts are vanilla, and cloves. A spice known for its health benefits, especially in digestion is ginger. Cumin crosses over between the idea of spice and herb, but in the United States most would call it a spice, especially as it is the most distinctive ingredient in chili powder. Most people believe that curry is a spice. It is actually a blend of spices originating in India. Meanwhile, black pepper, after salt, is probably the most commonly used ingredient in recipes around the world.

Herbs: Great for Your Health or to Flavor a Meal!

Herbs are one of our passions here at InDepthInfo and cilantro is one of our favorite herbs. We will tell you all about the health benefits, growing tips, and recipes. Oregano is a distinctively Italian spice. It also has many health benefits. Consider making this herb a part of your daily diet. We have recipes, growing tips, and more. Don't use parsley quite sparsley. This is an easy to grow herb that you can include in almost any savory dish. Another herb commonly used in cooking is basil. It was imported to the United States after American soldiers during World War II discovered pizza in Italy! Besides making a great pesto, basil provides significant health benefits. Chives are a popular garden herb that is easy to grow, in or out of a pot. They make attractive borders for a garden and are reputed to keep away some harmful insects. Chives are also known to be an anti-biotic. Celery is often thought of as an herb, but since it is eaten in quantity, it might also be considered a vegetable. Like many herbs it is packed with vitamins and other healthful elements.

Drinks: Because Cooking Is More Than Food!

Wake up and smell the coffee! We will provide you with a broad overview of coffee, then drill down into the particulars, including the types, places it is grown, and how best to prepare it. Read an entertaining history of the brew. Learn the health benefits of coffee and caffeine. Christmas or not, many people love Eggnog! This milk based drink can be consumed wet or dry, but it is always a flavorful treat that brings back memories of Chrismases long, long ago. It also has a rich and flavorful history.

Cooking with cast iron can seem like heavy work, especially when the frying pans are kept under the stove. But cast iron comes with all kinds of benefits, even heat and a natural nonstick surface, to name only two. It even provides iron for the human system.

Garden Produce

Every year gardens produce far more than can be consumed. Besides preserving your garden produce, learn how to prepare it - leeks, celery, acorn squash, and carrots,! We tell you all about how it is done, by drying, freezing, canning, vacuum sealing and more. This is also a great way to store organic foods purchased at farmer's markets.

Almost everyone loves luscious chocolate. We tell you all about its different facets. It is interesting to note how it has become very much admired as a healthy food when for a long time it was viewed simply as "candy".

Table Manners came about not just to keep men from belching after every meal, but to keep mealtime a sanitary event. Learn about how to handle yourself at mealtime and where guests should be positioned at special functions.

Our staff has developed many recipes over the years for specific web projects, but we have also concocted a few and gotten some contributions that peaked our fancy. Anytime Recipes is a small collection of recipes we know you will enjoy.

With all this eating going on, and new china in the cabinet, it might be good to give a thought to dinnerware care.

There is much more, not enumerated on this page. Be sure to search our site for any aspect of cooking. When in doubt consust our editor-in-chief. He has produced his own cookbook. The Real Man's Cookbook which has sold thousands of copies. For the benefit of the reader, it is entirely on line (actual paperback copies are available). He has an ecclectic mixture of recipes, social commentary, and more than a few belly laughs.

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